Saturday, 3 October 2015

John Arnold, and his son John Roger Arnold

John Arnold, 1736-1799 (engraving circa 1800)

John Arnold, 1775, half-quarter repeater gold and enamel cased cylinder pocket-watch No.253, London

John Arnold, 1778, chronometer No.1/36 housed in 22-carat gold case, London

John Arnold, 1778-1779, marine chronometer No.12, London

1774 and 1808 John Arnold & A-L Breguet, silver cased chronometer with tourbillon and spring-detent escapement, London 1774 and Paris 1808

The inscription on the plate on this movement translates as:
"Breguet's first tourbillon regulator, united with one of Arnold's earliest movements; a tribute by Breguet to the revered memory of Arnold and presented to his son in the year 1808."

John Roger Arnold, 1796-1799, No.2 George III mean and sidereal chronometer with Z balance, London

John Roger Arnold, 1801, 22-carat spring detent chronometer No.1818, London

John Roger Arnold, 1815, 8-day movement Arnold spring-detent escapement and later balance London

Arnold, Charles Frodsham, 1855, No.8623 chronometer escapement, split-seconds and winding indicator, 84 Strand, London

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