Monday, 8 August 2016

Sarpaneva - Korona K0 Northern Lights

To be able to design something that is unmistakably modern, without violating any of the basic tenets of classic design, is quite an achievement. Throw in the use of a modern flashy material and even more skill and restraint is needed to arrive at something captivating, rather than tacky. And on top of all that, if you can work your own distinctively iconic imagery into the project and stamp it as your own then you have created something extraordinary.

I think Stepan Sarpaneva has done all this with the Korona K0 Northern Lights.

The first thing about this piece that caught my attention is the case – having such a distinctive shape while remaining aesthetically pleasing in a familiar way. The curves of the lugs flow into and echo the curves of the case, avoiding the all-too-common appearance of lugs having been stuck on as an afterthought. Sarpaneva’s iconic moon may have an expression that’s hard to read, but as it’s moon phase indicator he’s clear as day… or night. Watching him arrive and leave over the course of a month changes the appearance of the piece from day today.

The dial design at first looks complicated, but actually contains very little that’s unnecessary. Radiating lines of solid lume represent each minute and second. The amazing lume is by Black Badger, and has also been utilized by MB&F, (previously posted here).

As a picture, it looks great on my screensaver. But I would love to actually get to handle one!

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