Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bexei - Aaron Becsei

Currently topping my list of “Why did I not know about this already?” is Aaron Becsei, a Hungarian watchmaker who produces amazing work under the label Bexei. Before I post any of his actual creations, here is a bit about the man himself and what he does. Aaron makes about as much of his watches himself as is humanly possible, which is why he only turns out a handful in a year – so they are as rare as they are gorgeous, and each and every one seems to have its own personality.
A Blog to Watch has a very informative article on Aaron. The link is below and I highly recommend it. Whatever your current regard for fine watchmaking is, this read is guaranteed to increase it. Do also check out his website.

And it can’t hurt his image that he’s quite a good looking guy, too.

Here is a close up look at Aaron's work:

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